Brewing Rabble Meeting Minutes	1 Sep 2018

At Chris Garvey's for the DIck Garvey IPA Competition (8th Annual)

Next Meeting Sat, 13 Oct, at Nick's (NOTE: the 2nd Saturday in October)

Treasurer's Report:  $871.00

Minutes of last meeting read and accepted.

IPA Competition Results:
	1st Place: Nick
	2nd Place: Barry
	3rd Place: Craig

Old Business:

No discussion

New Business:

1. THe October meeting will be at Nick's on the 13th. Note: this is the 2nd Saturday in Oct.
2. Nick's Brew Pub to be will be called "Inland Ale Works, LLC" 3. New brewpub off Francis in Spokane: "Humble Abode Brewing Company" 4. Meeting adjourned. ELECTIONS Results For 2018: President: Nick J. Vice President: Barry Treasurer: Joel Secretary: Jack Bathroom Attendant: Jim P. Sergeant at Arms: Jim I. Hop Nazi: Randy Sensitivity Counselor: Jerry Minority Ombudsgirl: Crystal Sparg Bastard: Craig Wort Baby: Jeremy DUES Collected for 2018: Jack Jerry Jim P. Nick Craig Joel Barry Randy Jim I. Crystal Jeremy Bryson Mike Mark Merge Bill