Brewing Rabble Meeting Minutes	1 Feb 2020

At the Club House

Treasure’s Report: $631 in the bank before receiving dues for 2020.

The minutes were read and accepted after one change: Dec Treasurer's report to reflect $621.00 not $641.00.
Next Meeting at Jerry's. Sat, 7 March, Noon, Potluck, the usual

Old Business:

1. Rob's Rules of Order in effect.
2. T-ShirtS: It goes something like this: $100.00 one time setup fee. $50.00 to start a pass (I think that means a printing). T-Shirts cost $12.50. There are other styles (Hoodies, Long sleeves, etc). These can be had upon request. Rob will get a price list.
The club voted to pay for a T-Shirt for everyone.
3. Inland Brewers Unite is sponsoring a competition as follows:
	> No specific style required, but indicate what you have brewed based on BJCP Style Guidelines.
	> $10.00 Dollar entry fee.
	> Enter 1 x 22oz Bottle or 32oz Mini-Growler
	> Due by 15 Feb
	> Top 5 finishers will provide 5 Gallons of beer for a finale selection.
	> 2d Place is $100.00. 1st Place presumably more.
	> Takes place at Humble Abode Brewing on the 22d of Feb (?)
They should also be sponsoring another competition in mid-April.

4. Reminder Fest 'o Ale in Penticton coming up 17 & 18 April

New Business:

1. Next Meeting at Jerry's. Meeting adjourned

Club Officers for 2020:
President: Rob
Vice President: Craig
Treasurer: Joel
Secretary: Jack
Bathroom Attendant: Tim
Sergeant at Arms: Jerry
Hop Nazi: Barry
Sensitivity Counselor: Jim
Minority Ombudsgirl: Crystal
Sparg Bastard: Mark
Wort Baby: Randy

DUES Collected for 2020:
Jim, I