January 2000 Vol. 4 Issue 10

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Thanks to Jack for hosting the December meeting.

BREW MINUTES Minutes for Beer Meeting 120399

We met at 6:00 PM at Jack's house. Present were Randal, Jerry, George, Chip, Dustin, and Jack. Beverage roll call included two different homebrews of Jack's and one of Dustin's. The official meeting was called to order at roughly 6:40 pm with Dustin presiding and Jack acting as secretary.

We discussed again the necessity of sticking to an agenda for our meeting.

The club determined to brew more at the meetings as a scheduled activity commencing with the February meeting at Dustin's house.

Jerry has been designated the assistant-chogie-boy for the brew club website. Please inform Jack or Jerry if you see anything out of date or have suggestions for the site.

Many ideas were floated regarding the brewing process and how to stimulate member interest. Jerry and Randall will be happy to donate yeast slurry courtesy the Lost Falls Brewery to any member getting ready to brew. Members must plan their brew well in advance (at least two weeks). Give Jerry a call and ask when the next slurry will be available and plan your brew accordingly. Provide your own sanitized container.

As mentioned above the February Meeting will be at Dustin's with a brewing project planned. The date and time will be determined at the January meeting.

A tentative agenda for the March meeting was proposed. Randall suggested that a talk by an attorney about the legal aspects and implications of drinking would be in order. He'll research the subject.

Our politically extreme members (etiam ego auctor) trumpeted other ideas such as an initiative against the zero-tolerance state laws as they exist. Clearer heads prevailed and focused our educational efforts on the previously discussed legal topics.

Darth Seal-A-Meal returned. The club decided to grant plenipotentiary powers to Dustin as the Seal-A-Meal Ambassador to find and purchase a replacement for the destroyed machine provided the cost does not exceed $100.00. A final report is due at the February meeting.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:50 pm at the determination of a duly formed quorum.

New officers will be elected at the next (January ) meeting. Have your holiday ales at hand.


The chief unofficial topic of conversation centered on one of Jack's home brews. Jack thought the beer tasted of esters or was infected albeit ever so slightly. Jerry's initial reaction was that the beer did show a high ester quality. However, except for the brewer, the beer was generally enjoyed and was nearly consumed to the last drop. All this while two other fine examples of pale ale were at hand.
Randall's initial unprejudiced impression was that this was a Rauchbier. Instantaneously the impression of the beer seemed to change. Since the batch for 10 gallons included 2 lbs of toasted malt, this made a lot of sense. An interesting conjunction of the superego and tastebuds. Thanks Randall.

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, noon, January 15, 2000 at Ferdinand's. Call Ferd (phone # 732-4847) or talk to one of the members if you need directions.


Next meeting is Ferdinand's winter party and holiday ale competition. This will be our first draft beer competition so it should be interesting.


All the buildup, hype and everything else is foam. The game is the beer.
--Marv Levy, Buffalo Bills Head Coach


Whenever you connect your gas line to a keg, make sure the line is pressurized. Otherwise, beer can flow into your gas line contaminating it and all future brews.


Are we getting used to writing 00 for the date yet? If not, maybe we should all start writing XX for the last two digits. At least this way, we can relate the year to double strength beer...


Brewing Better Brewing Worse
Strange wort I brew, and since 'twere best, I deem,
T' employ a style that suits the wintry theme,
First, in my pot some barley t' impart,
I thus employ a can of hoppy dark.
Then honey from the droning, buzzing bee
To fuel my beer and not his progeny.
Boil'd 'n cool'd to stay microbial beasts
From flatulent confrontation w' the yeasts,
Wort pronounce thy metamorphasis,
Airlock burp n' fart thy gassy stress.
So chronicled in near iambic verse,
The lay of brewing better brewing worse.
-the Beer Muse

Club Officers


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