Nov 1998

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Thanks to Bryan and Wendy for hosting the last meeting.


We reaffirmed our mission statement about education, decided on stout for the upcoming contest in January, and discussed potential themes for the next few meetings.
The Secretary also stated that club elections should be held in January and that dues should be renewed.

Chip has proposed using his basement as a potential clubhouse.

THE CONTEST: I hope everybody is getting their stout beer ready. Remember, a stout is a dark ale with 7-10% roasted barley. For the contest, the Original Gravity can be from 1.050 to 1.070. For the style, there should be some hop bitterness but scant flavor or aroma from the hops.


Thursday, December 3rd, 6:15 p.m. at Chip's house on 194 Garden Homes in Colville. From Main Street, go East up Hawthorne about 6 blocks then turn right on Garden Homes. Follow this road until it makes a hard right. Chip's is the white house on the corner of this right. (See map next page.) Call 684-1502 for better directions.

On the agenda: Bryan has volunteered to do a counter pressure bottle filling demonstration.

We are coming up on our third year of the club. In the months ahead, we will have a brew contest, law enforcement talking about the new "responsibility" laws, and a yeast demonstration. Also in February, we may want to think of sampling the barleywines, bocks or other BIG beers that should be arriving about then. As a club, we also need to plan our future.
A few ideas that have been voiced include stone brewing, a Yakima camp out during the hop festival, and another Spokane (?Seattle) brewery run.
Remember, as a small club we have the advantage of accommodating many of our individual schedules. All it takes is for us to think of the ideas then develop them.



All other nations are drinking Ray Charles beer and we are drinking Barry Manilow.
   --David Barry


To prevent skunking, cover your carboy with a dark, plastic trash bag.


BEER NEWS The Winter Ales are out. Last year the club tasted several Winter brews, the favorite being the one from Portland Brewing Company. Safeway has it in stock but it seems less tasty than last year. Try it and discover for yourself.

Jim's Homebrew is now open on Mondays. Call them if your interested 1-800-326-7769. Remember, shipping to Colville is only a few dollars-a lot less than the gas to drive to Spokane.

B&W also sells homebrewing supplies. Call 684-5668

Hales Ales has sold most of their Spokane brewing facility. The old school house was where they moved after leaving Colville in 1991. Now they are brewing only in Seattle and Kirland. Don't despair, Hales is still available in bottles and kegs...


  Regal Stout     This is a mild version of an Imperial stout.

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Minutes | Next Meeting | Upcoming Events | Quote of the Month
Tip o' the Month | Miscellaneous | Club Officers