Jan 1999

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Thanks to Chip and Kristina for hosting the last meeting.


At the last meeting we set the election date, separating the secretary from treasurer position, scheduled the stout contest and talked about a Montana brewery tour. Bryan gave a counter pressure bottling demonstration and Chip talked about remodeling his basement for its use as a permanent clubhouse. We also discussed both a Montana and a Spokane brewery tour.
Several members brought beer and the host Chip, brewed up a very pleasing cream ale. George even brought some of his 2 year old barleywine.

STOUT CONTEST: FEB. 6, 1999 Entry fee is $5; the winner gets a gift certificate for 3/4ths the total of the entry fees; 2nd place gets the remainder. If more than two brewers place second, we have an elimination judging.

CONTEST RECIPE - (bring this to the contest)

Lbs. Malt extract:



Boil Time


Date Brewed:

Date Bottled:

RULES For each contest entry, bring 3, refrigerator-chilled, unmarked, unlabeled, brown bottles of your beer. Also, bring the completed recipe form. A contest administrator will record your beer and give you a random number.

ELECTION: Next meeting, we will nominate then vote on President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Remember all you would-be volunteers that although the offices are important, they are hardly that difficult or time consuming. All that's needed is a little effort.

FROM THE PRESIDENT: Two years, twenty meetings, one contest, one brewery tour later-it's been interesting and fun. Now, however, it's time for a change. As an outgoing president, I will still be active in giving guidance and suggesting ideas. For instance, I will continue to do the newsletter...


Next Meeting: Feb. 6, 1999 at Jerry's 3988 Arrow Falls just south of Hudson Bay Restaurant. ALSO, it's time to pay the $15 annual dues.



"You can't be a Real Country unless you have a BEER and an airline-it helps if you have some kind of football team or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a BEER."
   --Frank Zappa


Worried about halitosis, bacteria and other debris getting in your beer during siphoning? Slip a short section of sanitized hose over the end of your siphoning hose. You can slobber all over this one because when the beer gets close, you just remove the attached piece of hose. The beer never touches any of the contaminants from your mouth.


FACTOID: A 50 ml sample of acitve live yeast has about 1.5 billion yeast cells. At high krausen, how many cells do you think are in your 5 gallons? Hint, 5 gallons is 18.925 liters...

BEER NEWS: Effective Jan. 1, the BAC is now 0.08 so be wise, be careful and be responsible.

Jan. 17th is Ferdinand's birthday party. Call him for details to this annual event.

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Minutes | Next Meeting | Upcoming Events | Quote of the Month
Tip o' the Month | MISCELLANEOUS | Club Officers