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Thanks to Dustin and Stacy for hosting the last meeting.

MINUTES by Ferdinand: For 3/9/99 at Dustin's

Meeting started at 18.20, presided for the first time by our new president Bryan, who did an outstanding job. Present at the meeting were Josie, Bryan, George, Jerry, Randal, Jack, Ferdinand and Dustin. Jerry, the stout ale winner, donated the $30 prize he won at our stout competition to our account, but that doesn't mean that it is club policy to do so.

The treasurer reported we have $338 in our account.

Randal, Julie, Dustin and Ferdinand went to the Alefest in Nelson, B.C. on Saturday, March 13. For a $4.75 entrance fee we ate rather well and often drank beer for free, since many times the 68 cents per glass fee was not collected. There were some very good beers and some standard beers. We all thought That Nelson Brewing Company's two cask conditioned ales were the best of show. You can expect a more complete report later from Dustin and the oozing memory of the secretary.

I spoke with Peter Glockner, sales rep, and with a brewer at Nelson Brewing about the club visiting the brewery. All we have to do is call to arrange a Saturday visit.

Randal offered to find out about prices for dry malts in bulk, as several of us expressed interest in finding a lower cost source. Jack offered to help with a club web site.

Jerry and George demonstrated a beer filter. In very little time, they significantly cleared a 10-day brew from one keg to another.

The meeting adjourned at 19.08 by which time we were very thirsty and tried two of Dustin's home brews and some commercial microbrews.



Tuesday, 6 p.m., April 20th, 1999 at Jack's house, 1870 E. Ivy, 685-1712.
We have no formal agenda BUT maybe some of us should bring our favorite homebrewing gadget. This can be equipment we've built or altered, or a procedure, or a tip. Remember, we're not talking rocket science or MIT awards-just fun practical procedures.


AHA 1999 National Homebrew Competition: Deadline April 9th.

UNTAPPED 99-The Inland Northwest Microbrews and Blues Festival:

Eight blues bands, 30 microbreweries, cideries and wineries. Kennewick WA, Saturday, May 8th.

May 1st-National Homebrew Day


"When the water of a place is bad, it is safest to drink none that has not been filtered through either a ...grape, or else a tub of malt. These are the most reliable filters yet invented."
   --Samuel Butler (1835-1902) English author


After sanitizing a carboy, invert it to let it drip dry rather than leave it upright for dust and contaminants to enter. One possible inverter is a bar stool or 5 gallon bucket. Just make sure to lean the carboy against something stable.
Anyone else out there have a useful tip. Let me know.


FACTOID: The Yuengling Brewery in Pennsylvania, established in 1829, is the oldest operating brewery in the United States.

HOMEBREW NEWS: Jim's Homebrew will be closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Gerald Pinard, of the Kootenay Homebrewers located in Rossland, BC, has invited us to their May 1st celebration in honor of National Homebrew Day. He will have on hand a Stout, a Kolsch, and several aged barleywine ales. His address is 1730 2nd Avenue in Rossland. Members interested in attending could car pool.

HOPS: Rhizomes are available at Jim's Homebrew for those that want to plant them in backyards.


Prohibition almost returned to Washington State. Senate Bill 5872 would haved lowered the BAC from .08 to .02. For most of us, this meant that even after a glass of beer, we would be legally drunk-even if we had no such impairment. SB 5872, fortunately, now resides in the "X-Files," a legislative repository for bills that can no longer be considered this year. Next year, however, this bill may be resurrected. As responsible homebrewers who support reasonable BAC levels, we must remain active. If not, Prohibition or a similarly paranoid law may be enacted.
Note, the above is only the opinion of the editor and not a reflection of the club.

Club Officers


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