May 1999 Vol. 3 Issue 4

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Thanks to Jack for hosting the April meeting and Chip for the one in June.

MINUTES by Ferdinand for June 14, l999

We met at Chip's, the meeting starting at 18.41. Present were Chip, Jack, Bryan, Randal, Jerry, Dustin, Ken, and Ferdinand.

We discussed the upcoming hefeweizen competition which will be judged on Saturday, August 21 at 14.00 hours, (call to confirm time) at Ferdinand's home in the boonies (4776 Northport Wanteta Road, tel. 732-4847). Ground rules for the hefeweizen are: 40-60% malted wheat, a hefeweizen yeast, no fruits; any other grains should be malted.

Since our hop field is getting out of hand, or it lacks hands to gather, Chip graciously offered to transplant the hops to Hotchikiss Road and install an irrigation system at low cost. To accomplish this, we must help Chip set up the irrigation in the fall to be able to transplant in the early Spring. October was suggested as a work meeting.

The club has been blessed by guilt. The next tour of Nelson Brewing Co. will have a catered lunch on Saturday, July 10. We meet at Ferdinand's at 9.30 for a club meeting or at noond at the Nelson Brewery, 512 Latimer Street, Nelson, B.C.

Purchase for dry malt was discussed. At $125 for 50 lbs there were plenty of interested members. Members agreed to purchase 50 lbs each of pale and amber. Ferdinand and others want 25 lbs.

Chip again offered his basement as a permanent brew clubhouse but we should all help with the construction.

After a few beers by the Lost Falls guys and cider by Chip, we ended the meeting.



NELSON BREWING COMPANY TOUR! July 10th, Saturday. Meet at Ferdinand's at 9:30 a.m. Call him to verify a space. OR meet at the brewery in Nelson at noon.


August 21st-Ferdinand's. This is also the date of the hefeweizen contest. Remember, dark brown bottles without any identifying marks.


"God made yeast, as well as dough, and loves fermentation just as dearly as he loves vegetation." --Ralph Waldo Emerson


From Bryan: To get that banana taste and aroma in a hefeweizen, ferment temperature should be near 64 F. For the clove taste and odor, 68 degrees is better.


First I want to thank Brayn and Dustin for their leadership. It's good to see new ideas and projects developing. Contests, bulk purchases, tours, and the sharing of information are what will keep the club alive. I do, however, have a suggestion. Let's follow "Robert's Rules Of Order." This means the President directs meetings. Minutes, as provided by the newsletter, are considered approved unless someone wants a change. Officers give reports if they have them; old business then new business is covered. Members may only speak after recognition from the President. Motions of course can be made and voted upon but only in an orderly and timely fashion. Perhaps with a little organizing and focus we can conduct the meetings within 30 to 45 minutes then start socializing.

Club Officers


Minutes | Next Meeting | Upcoming Events | Quote of the Month
Tip o' the Month | Notes from an ex-president | Club Officers