September 1999 Vol. 3 Issue 6

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Thanks to Ferdinand and Erika for hosting the meeting on 21 August. The mandatory volley ball tournament enforced sobriety at the meeting and stiffness the day after.

MINUTES by Ferdinand for August 21, l999

We met at Ferd's and started the meeting at 12:45. Present were Chip, Jerry, Dustin, Jack, Bryan, Randall and the host. We collected four entries at $5 each for the hefeweizen competition from Bryan, Jerry, Chip and Ferd. We also paid Jerry for the malt the club bought at $2.45 a pound. 110 pounds was distributed amongst those who had ordered. Thanks again to the bagmen Chip, Dustin and Jack. Some equipment was damaged during the bagging, but I don't recall what, who or why, nor who is going to pay for it. Probably the club, I would think, since we are not all bad.

We discussed our hop field at Tony's and upon the recommendation of the Swiss Master Gardener we decided to transplant our bitter lode sometime this coming spring to its new home close to Chip's. Dustin offered to donate barbless wire from his personal stock.

Dustin offered to send thanks to Peter Glockner for the wonderful tour of Nelson Brewing and the nice lunch he provided. Dustin wins this month's GSA (Good Samaritan Award).

Chip's basement, our future club site, needs remodeling. Chip will look into the cash amount needed and will hopefully pick a winning lotto ticket. The rest of the club will offer labor at a beer per hour, two if you sweat.

Chip will have some stainless steel work done at a friend's place and asks that any member or friend wishing to have similar work done contact him soon at 684-1502. It will be cheaper if all is done at the same time.

Gerard of our sister club KABA asked me about possibly merging our two clubs. After some discussion it appeared that given the distances involved it might be better to have both clubs meet at least once or twice a year at an event like the Alefest in Nelson, Ferd's birthday party in January or George's Hoptoberfest in September, for example. KABA members are welcome to our next Homebrew Competition at Ferdinand's (tel. 509-732-4847) on Saturday, January 15 at noon sharp. This is followed by a potluck, snow volleyball, crosscountry skiing and birthday party celebration till sometime after dark. The target beer is a holiday ale, so it is quite open, and you are welcome to enter as many as you want. Dustin will research the type of ale and some parameters, so stay in contact with one of us or check our web site: You should get your beer entries in by 11:50. We would like to get an email address from a KABA member, if possible, so that we can keep each other posted of upcoming events.

Speaking of upcoming events. HOPTOBERFEST is Saturday, September 11, starting at noon (potluck) at George Lucero's house, 2737 Chamberlin Road, Rice, WA, tel. 509-738-6593. This is a private party, not a club function, but KABA members and family are welcome, as well as anyone who befriends George (he likes good brews) or one of his club buddies. You are welcome to bring homebrews. The theme is generally German and I've heard some genuine polka and alpenhorn music there. Our next club meeting is Thursday, September 30 at 18.30 at Chip's. At that time we will visit our future hop field and receive professional instructions on opening Grolsch bottles, which Ferd neglected to provide this time, and for which he is doing penitence in his cellar. The meeting closed at 13.50.

The hefeweizen competition followed and Jerry did it again. He won top honors and $20, followed by Bryan, and last, but not least, Chip and Ferd. We ate very good food brought by members and spouses before burning it all playing volleyball. We sweated so much that we had to drink some brews. The minerals were refreshing. Thanks a whole lot to Wendy for setting up the beer entries and to Erika for being such a wonderful hostess.


Thursday, September 30, 6:30 PM, at Chip's.
Plans include visiting our future hop field.

Club Officers


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