October 1999 Vol. 3 Issue 8

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Thanks to Chip for hosting the September meeting.

MINUTES by Ferdinand for September 30, l999

Meeting started at 19:00 on the nose, after we visited the future hop field site close to Chip's. Present were Jerry (dopplebock), Chip (stout), George (cream ale), Jack (pilsner), Chris Goetter (brown ale), Randall (porter), Bryan (mystery brew from Montana) and Ferd ( pale ale). The beer style in parentheses is what each member will bring to next meeting's tasting/potluck, October 29 at Bryan's. Bryan might have one of his famous deep fried turkeys in his pot.

We welcome a famous musician and brewer, Chris Goetter, to our club, who demonstrated his ability to hold a beer glass open side up, thus satisfying present club requirements. He also graciously paid the $20 club dues for the year.

A motion to approve the new hop field was unanimously passed. Lots of ideas were tossed around: when and how to transplant our hops, what to do with them once they flourish, how to water them and put them to sleep. Someone even suggested selling our surplus hops. We decided to seek expert advice from Erika's green thumbs when transplanting time arrives in spring.

The remodeling of Chip's basement for a clubhouse was put on hold due to the elusive winning lottery ticket. We all offered help when the time comes, but it was not decided who would squat with a tin can somewhere on Main Street begging for loose change.

The discussion about the broken sealer used to bag the malt produced no useful conclusion. A rogue suggested that we should read directions on how to operate complex machinery in the future.

Holiday ale brewing parameters for the January 15th competition at Ferd's were shelved due to our man Dustin not being present. We hope his research has gone deep and he is still laboring on the subject. However, we decided the brew can, or should have spices, and kegged beers will be the norm. It will be easier to serve during the party that follows the serious competition. You can also bottle your entry if you do not have access to a draft system.

Randall suggested a blind tasting of different beer styles, hence the parentheses after each member present above. If you did not attend this meeting but are coming to the next, please bring a different six pack of a beer style not listed above. Also, this is a potluck dish so come bearing food and brew.

We decided that the club should buy 24 beer tasting glasses for our competitions in order to better standardize our tasting events. George will get those. We also decided to try to serve our competing beers at very close to the same temperature, since taste is significantly altered by temperature changes. The meeting was adjourned at 8:23 PM.

--Ferdinand the scribe


October 29, 6:00PM at Bryan's at 1948 E. Hawthorne (5 doors up from golf course), tel. 685-9375.

Plans include a potluck and a blind tasting of different beer styles. Designated members to bring a commercial representative of the following:


Distinguishing beers. Can we taste the differences between a pilsener, a cream and pale ale, a brown ale? What about the difference between a porter, a stout, or dopplebock? We'll see at the next meeting.


"I would give all my fame for a pot of ale, and safety."

--William Shakespeare, Henry V


One suggestion for aerating wort is drilling a pin hole in the siphon hose. Anyone tried this?


A member recently visited a brew pub in Yakima. It appears pervasive off flavors still exist in many of the beers there.



Remember, we formed this club to learn more about brewing. To that end, every meeting should have an educational topic. Let's hear some ideas.

Club Officers


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