November 1999 Vol. 3 Issue 9

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Thanks to Bryan for hosting the September meeting.

MINUTES by Ferdinand for Oct 29, l999 at Bryan's

We met, many of us early, in anticipation of the beer style recognition academic endeavor at 18.00. A race horse could not have been more prompt. Present were, each with at least one experimental six-pack, Chris, Dustin, Jack, George, Jerry, Chip, Ferd, Randall and our gracious dip-turkey-in-oil host, Bryan. And four lovely wives who kept us on track. As no member had a sensible scheme for tasting the difference between so many beer styles in so little time (and not enough glasses), we decided to compare two beers at a time, since we each had two hands and two halves in the upstairs department.

What follows may not correspond to what really happened, since I took no notes and was still trying to figure out the tasting system when two glasses of blond appeared before me. I believe one was a pilsner and the other an ale of some sort. A piece of cake. The pale not only tasted like one, but it looked like one too. Then came a cream ale compared to a pale ale. Most of us were able to tell the difference, if not all. A dopplebock might have been paired with a brown ale, which didn't trick us either. A stout and a porter were also tasted. A mystery brew from Montana was paired with I don't know what, but they both tasted good. Then the real drinking started after all present were designated safe drivers.

It was also a potluck and Bryan's bird came out pretty enough to eat, which we happily did. There were salads, curry, rice, pesto, homemade bread, pasta and perhaps something else. Oh yes, some kind of meat in the curry sauce, which our plumber and chief chef Chip was kind enough to let us taste. Since Jack left before we could decide on our next meeting place, we decided to have it at his house (Club rule #1133ABC) on DECEMBER 3 at 6:00 P.M., which is a Friday. It is a good idea to check with Jack and tell him you are coming at 685-1712. He lives on Ivy.

Bryan was blessed with all the leftover beer. --Ferdinand the scribe


Friday, 6 p.m. Dec 3,, at Jack's 1870 E. Ivy. tel. 685-1712. Tentatively, a member volunteered to bring a friend with a breath analyzer.


December 4th, is the new grand re-opening of Café al Mundo's dance floor. They'll be serving Lost Falls ale and porter.

Mid-January is Ferdinand's winter party and holiday ale competition. If you brew now, you still have time. Holiday ales are dark and have some sort of spice other than hops.


From man's sweat and god's love, beer came into the world.." --St. Arnoldus


Winter's upon us, as is the season to be brewing higher gravity beers. With these more robust worts, your usual amount of yeast and starter may be insufficient for good fermentation. So, if you're increasing the original gravity by half again as much, maybe you should increase your yeast by a similar amount.

You could just boil 1 quart of water and 3 ounces of dry malt extract for 20 minutes. After cooling it, transfer this starter wort, then add your usual yeast/starter. Let this ferment for 2-3 days then add the active starter to your high gravity beer. OF COURSE, EVERYTHING THAT TOUCHES THE COOLED WORT IS SANITIZED, RIGHT…

Additionally, if you have sanitized a piece of equipment with too strong of a sanitizer and need a final rinse, use some mega-brewed beer that's been pasteurized. Nothing lives in pasteurized beer (including flavor) so it's virtually sterile until it's opened. Just splash sanitizer on the opening then rinse away.


Annheiser-Busch has opted for supporting sexual diversity. This has angered the fundamentalists who now advocate a boycott of A-B products. Since I prefer other beer, I avoid buying Bud. Now, however, I'm going to buy a six pack just to show my support of diversity and my opposition to the fundies. I may not drink the beer but since the beer is pasteurized and essentially sterile, I'll use the beer to rinse out heavy sanitizer.

Club Officers


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