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Beer Style Guidelines
Okanogan Wine Information 
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Beer Mapping Project
We've all heard how American youth are wearing the world's dunce cap when it comes to geography. So let's put the "Beer" back in geography (why Oh why did it ever leave) wit the beer mapping project. Do it for the kids.
Brewing TV
Tired of web-surfing the same old porn sites? Try Brewing TV at Let us know if it is any good. At least it seems like a good idea. - L.B.
Black Table Beer Run
Just go there. General hilarity and inane essays and comments on beer.
Big Barley Wine Brew Day
Find out what is happening with the Barley wine brewed by the club.
Brew Hopping
a comprehensive, yet expanding, directory of North American breweries, microbreweries, craft breweries and brewpubs.
Craft Beer fun online. So says the cabana boy.
Andy Kaufman Video
Donated by club members.
The Top O' Trenton
The Top O' Trenton Bar Tour is the product of years of dedicated research and field work
Extra! Read All About It! White House to Ban Home Brewing  
Time for all Home Brewers to unite. Brewing rights under attack. Click here.

Our quick class on all-grain brewing (PDF format)
Recipe Maker
Online tool to design recipes and assist in brew day activities. Based upon the spreadsheet long available in the beer reference section. This new tool is completely web based and does not require the user to have Microsoft Excel installed. Help section included. link
Jack's Brew Calculator Spreadsheet
Recipe and Brew-Day planning tool on an XLS spreadsheet..

Gravity/Hops Ratio
Also called the BU/GU Ratio. A link of interest for a fundamental understanding of Brewing.

Removing Surface Lead from Brass 
A helpful article from John Palmer -
The Okanagan Fest-of-Ale - Held each year on or about the first weekend in April. website
The BrewPub Zone 
Ferd found this helpful website while searching for information on our Seattle escapade -

Growing Hops at Home 
Brush up on how to grow your own hops. Links to other hop growing resources available as well....." website

Also see Dave Squires on Growing Hops
Club Scene
The Oregon Brew Crew - Portland, OR
The Brews Brothers - Seattle, WA

Beer Expedition
The Opinionated Beer Page -
A Public Service Announcement
Doing our share department. Not exactly beer related, but if you have a beer while you listen to this, it will make it even more enjoyable. Click here for the PSA.
Beer Quotes - where we draw our weekly beer quotes from. Just a text file patched together from various sources.
Jim's Homebrew Supply - The main local source for homebrew supplies. The store also has some excellent micros in stock.
Washington Beer Fests. A link to some major beer festivals located in the Seattle area.
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Lost Falls Brewery
347 W. 2d Ave
Colville, WA 99114

Walk-in hours:
Wed & Thu 4-6 PM
Fri 4-8 PM

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Cafe al Mundo

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