Brew Recipe Spreadsheet and Brew Day Particulars

Here is the spreadsheet I use to plan out my beer. brewcalc.xls If you run into downloading problems, right click and select "Save Target As..."

It is almost, but not quite intuitive. With a few minutes of tinkering you should be able to figure it out. Here are some things to remember:

1. The cells in blue are changeable;  i.e., this is where you plug in the information for your current brew.

2. The cells in red indicate the most important output from your calculations, gravity, color, IBUs, etc.

3. The cells in yellow generally point to intermediate values (like the IBUs from just 1 hop addition) and are included for informational purposes.

4. I hard coded the 15 degree differential wherein I derive my mash temperature. That means if whatever you want to rest your mash at, you always get a value 15 degrees higher to heat your water. E.G.. mash at 152, heat mash water to 167, get it? This is done because of the way my system works. Feel free to adjust it to suit your needs. 

5. Check out the notes attached to the cells that describe how the IBUs are figured out. You will find them in the output fields of the 1st hop addition.